New Band of the Week: Cloud

What happens when you put an angsty, multitalented 21 year-old in a room full of equally talented musicians? Cloud happens. More specifically their new LP Comfort Songs: an expansive, layered and eclectic collection of songs that, given the time they deserve, will bring you said comfort.

We’re always excited when Audio Antihero – a lovely DIY, independent and unintentionally non-profit South London label – come to us with a new release. Whilst they are few and far between – Comfort Songs is the first LP they’ve put out since 2011 -  you can be sure the artist has been hand-picked with genuine passion and enthusiasm for the music. Cloud are no exception to that. Recorded last summer in sweltering New York; Tyler Taormina would rush to the studio after his job at a hotel and make music with the ‘insane amount of people coming in and out with various instruments’. The result is Comfort Songs - an ambitious and enthralling album that’s well beyond it’s makers years.

The album begins with ‘Cars & It’s Autumn’ – more of an album closer than opener if you ask us but then again, Cloud like messing with the Status Quo. Slightly off-kilter gang vocals soon give way to a beautiful blend of piano, twinkling ride cymbal, rolling bass and some good old crooned ‘ahh’s', before seamlessly merging into ‘Authorless Novel’. It also contains the lyric “it’s funny how, I’m happy now, singing about my sadness” – a perfect summation of how the music sounds: an angsty young man solving his problems through the medium of weird and wonderful pop gems.

Although none of the songs stand out as singles – which speaks more about the consistent quality and cohesiveness of the record rather than a lack of good tunes – ‘Mother Sea’ has been doing the radio/blog rounds to much critical acclaim. Amongst airplay on BBC 6 Music (Tom Ravenscroft) and XFM (X-posure) the album also received an 8/10 review over on Drowned In Sound – no mean feat. Have a listen to ‘Mother Sea’ below and if you like what you hear, Comfort Songs is now available for just £5:


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